Comedian Wanda Sykes does a hee-larious bit about how women think too much. “Sometimes you can’t even sleep ’cause you won’t shut the hell up.” She couldn’t be more right.

We stress ourselves out with all we do and have to figure out day-to-day, moment-to-moment. How do we get that stress under control so we don’t end up with such health challenges as depression and anxiety, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and, ugh, acne?

Experts point to a combination of ample sleep, eating healthier, and even meditation to help us de-stress. The ancient practice of meditation has gained popularity in recent years as peopled have desired a more balanced life. If it’s foreign to you, it can be very intimidating at first. Quelling your thoughts alone will be challenging. But technology is making it easier to get into a space where you can quiet that cluttered mind of yours.

Get started here:

Meditation Timer

Description: This is for the ladies who don’t do complicated. Meditation Timer is just that—a timer. Yes, just set the amount of time you would like to meditate, including intervals and breaks are up to and included in the app.

Benefits: If you do like to keep track of different breathing techniques, this app offers the abilty to set a sound to break up intervals. This is a simple app that delivers what it promises.


Insight Timer

Description:  Insight Time offers the ability to connect with other meditators within the app. It also offers free guided meditations and over 70 free recordings from teachers such as Tara Brach. Although it does have ads, it offers a lot for what you’re paying—free.

Benefits: Those who are more experienced with mediating and would like more variety would enjoy this app.



Description: Omvana offers a large collection of guided meditation sessions. It is great for beginners who are just starting to practice meditation. With calming background music, the sessions range from 3 minutes up to one hour.

Benefits: The app remains soothing and has a way of easing one into meditation. If you work better under instruction, this may be the app for you.



Description: Headspace encourages its users to take only ten minutes out of their day to meditate. This is great for any woman on the run. Whether you work at home or in the office, ten minutes  will bring some clarity and focus.

Benefits: Headspace gives a set time to meditate making it easy to incorporate into a busy day. If you would like to meditate longer, you can unlock the premium version.



Description: Calm is an absolutely beautiful app offering captivating nature animations. The app gives both guided and unguided sessions. Calm presents either soothing or music from composer Kip Mazuy. If you’re a visual person, this is for you.

Benefits: The animations featuring nature are great for helping set the mood to meditate.

Kyela Wilson, our wonderful intern from Howard University in Washington, DC, contributed to this article.