5 Reasons You Should Try Essential Oils

essential oils

essential oilsEssential oils are old. Like, centuries-old. Many have used them for religious purposes, health and wellness reasons and more. But today, they are more popular than ever. Maybe you’ve wondered if you need them in your life?

Here are five reasons you just might:

First things first, what are they? Essential oils are distilled from plants. The extracted oil is what a full-grown plant uses as its defense against disease and intruders. You can think of essential oils as a plant’s immune system. Luckily for us, when this oil is carefully distilled or, in some cases, cold-pressed, it’s therapeutic qualities are retained and become available for use in all kinds of applications.

Five more things you should know…

  1. Essential oils are safe and incredibly versatile. Use them topically, aromatically or as dietary oils to customize them to your daily needs.
  2. They can bypass digestion. Why is this important?  So many of us have digestive issues to overcome. This means that when you’re taking all your supplements, as you should, you’re digestive system – the middleman here – is getting in the way of maximum benefit. Essential oils push right past this and get to where you need support most.
  3. They work off of frequencies. Huh? Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some abstract magic. We’re talking physics here! Every living thing has its own vibration – including these plant-based oils. When frequencies are similar they tend to harmonize. Essential oil frequencies harmonize beautifully with the different cellular frequencies in our bodies helping to restore function.
  4. They are fat-soluble. Here again, why does this matter? When you need the benefit of an essential oil, apply it directly to your skin and watch it immediately disappear. The fatty lipid bi-layer located directly beneath your skin pulls that oil straight into your blood stream where it can get to work right away.
  5. Essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier to improve function. The blood-brain barrier is a network of blood vessels that wrap around the nervous system and the brain. The whole point of this  barrier is to keep negative toxins out of the brain and nervous system to prevent damage. There are only a few things in all of nature that can get through the blood-brain barrier. Some, like mercury and lead, are toxic and heavy enough to bust through this barrier. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve got essential oils; amazing restorative oils with particles so small they can pass through this barrier and help with the function of your nervous system and brain. Your brain is far more important than any other organ in your body. It’s the master control center, and for the hard-working, multi-tasking supermom, anything we can do to support our brain health is a must!

These reasons only just scratch the surface of essential oil uses and benefits. Of course, the best way to find out more is to get your hands on some for yourself and try them out. May I recommend starting with peppermint? For you gym rats, peppermint is ideal for oxygenating your blood before and after your workout. Add a few drops to your water, apply it to your chest and back (over your lungs) or diffuse it in your workout area.

Look for therapeutic grade essential oils that you can be sure are untouched by chemicals from the time they are planted to the time they are distilled and bottled. Remember, purity makes all the difference and will keep you safe as you experiment with your oils. Be creative, have fun with it and discover all the ways essential oils can revitalize your wellness!

Rebekah White is an essential oil educator and lover of simplicity. She uses her life as a mother, wife, writer and health enthusiast to inspire others to live well. 


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