You could go get your nails done together…again. But get a sweat on with your ride-or-die girl instead. Here are 9 partner exercises, tried, true and challenging. No equipment needed. But feel free to go get some matching sweatbands for the occasion. Get moving!


1. Triceps Dips

partner exercises dips

While you hold a table-top position on all fours, your friend will place her hands on the middle of your back (or where it’s most comfortable), and proceed to lower herself using you for support. The dipper dips, bending the elbows to a 90-degree angle before returning to the starting position. 10 reps, please.  Switch! Muscles worked: Core, triceps, shoulders


2. Plank and Hop to It

You’ll hold a plank on your forearms. Meanwhile, your homey will make lateral jumps over your back, back and forth. Get those legs up, jumper! 10 reps. And one rep equals a jump to and fro. Switch! Muscles worked: Core and cardio. Want more challenge? After you hop over, complete a Burpee.


3. Pike and Crawl

While one of you gets into a pike position, which looks pretty close to a downward dog. Your buddy will drop to the floor in a forearm plank and crawl underneath. Run around your friend back to the start, get down and crawl again, and again for 5 reps. Switch! Muscles worked: Core

4. Partner Leg Press

leg press partner exercises

Hopefully, you both have clean sneakers for this one. Ah, that’s what hand sanitizer is for, right? You position yourself on your back with legs elevated, knees close to your chest.  Your ace boon will place her hands on your feet, and stand back enough to lean into you. She places her weight on your bent legs, and you press her weight back to help her stand back upright. Try this for 15 reps. Switch! Muscles worked: Quads, glutes, core

5. P-Style Squat

Stand facing each other, with feet shoulder width apart. At the same time, pop a squat. When you return to start, high five with with opposite hands. That’s right. Encourage each other because you have 20 reps to complete. Muscles worked: Glutes, quads, hamstrings

6. Plank It Out!

partner plank partner exercisesGrab a timer. Face each other in a plank position. Eye to eye. Who can hold a plank the longest without dropping to their knees? Go for the best out of 5. Winner gets a healthy smoothie on her friend’s dime. Muscles worked: Abdominal muscles, lower back

7. Kid & Play Lunges

Face each other in a standing position, about arms length apart. Each of you takes a step back into a reverse lunge with opposite legs. When you return, keep your knees up and tap the inside of each other’s feet. Then go back into that reverse lunge and repeat it for 15 reps on each leg. Great balance move! Muscles worked: Quads, glutes, core.

8. Wheelbarrow Push Ups & Squats

With your girl holding your ankles, keep your hands on the floor like you’re about to do a push up. Guess what? You are. And while you lower your chest to the floor, she’ll hit a squat. Aim for 15 reps. Switch! Muscles worked: Chest, shoulders, quads, glutes.

9. Side Plank, Push Up and Plank Jack

So each of you holds a side plank, back to back. Extend that top arm and slap each other’s hands. Next, transition into a full plank, do a push up, and then one plank jack. You guessed it. Go right back into the side plank and repeat that for 10 reps. Muscles worked: Abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders

BONUS: Burpee Contest! Grab your timer and see who can do the most Burpees in 1 minute.

Stacy Julien is editor in chief of Crush Fitness Magazine, and will happily sweat with any of her friends. 

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