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#GirlCrush: She Was Already Cool, and Then Nike Called

Dian Holton's artistic influence is so deep, the athletic brand with the famous swoop hit her up with an amazing opportunity.

Yep, You Might Need Therapy, and That’s OK

Mariah Carey reveals she's in therapy for bipolar II disorder, reminding us that we might just need help for our own issues.

11 Things You’re Doing to Make Your Seasonal Allergies Worse

How much of your agony with seasonal allergies are you bringing on yourself? Time to get with it, and avoid these common mistakes.

#GirlCrush: The Globe-Trotting Belly Dancer

She created a new fitness dance, goes places you only think about going and can make her eyes, uh, shimmy.

5 Amazing Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

Give us a 30-second plank right now. Your body will love you for it!

The Booty Move We’re Stealing from Tracee Ellis Ross

The "Black-ish" star is on her workout grind, showing off a great move for the glutes.

#GirlCrush: CJ Harris Creates Emojis for Us!

A dynamic mom-daughter duo blazes the trail to design a thoughtful and colorful collection of emojis.

The Stretch and Plyo Workout You Must Try

Gain flexibility and power with this workout that combines stretching and fat-blasting cardio moves.

VIDEO: Lower Body Blast!

Get a lower body burn with this 5-exercise routine that can be done anywhere.

Fun Things To Love About Lupita

If you’re like us, you couldn't wait to cast your eyes on the big screen to watch Marvel’s Black Panther. The marvelous, mostly brown...

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