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12 Moves for Your Tabata Workout

Your workout just got more efficient! Add a time-busting Tabata to your weekly routine.

Kangoo Jumps, Anyone?

Funky, space boots and soca music? Count me in!

6 Plank Poses To Tone Your Entire Body

Yoga isn't just about stretching. It's about strengthening, too! The plank is that move to get you toned and strong.

The Power, Plyo, Plank Workout

Combine strength training with Plyometrics and stir in a few challenging core moves and you've got a mean, total-body concoction! Let's go.

Beast Your First Marathon

Just started training for 26.2, huh? Dr. Gold knows a thing or two about that.

The Stretch and Plyo Workout!

Gain flexibility and power with this workout that combines stretching and fat-blasting cardio moves.

Why Your Workout Music Matters

I could not have survived half of my first marathon without my 90s playlist (Thank you, Wu Tang). Without my Beyoncé "7/11" remix, I’d...

Trend Watch: What’s Hot in Fitness

Because you need more motivation to get up and move something!

8 Ways to Get Healthy in 2018

Sweating hard for your health and getting no returns? Here's what you need to do.

5 Amazing Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

Give us a 30-second plank right now. Your body will love you for it!

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