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From Overweight to “One-derland”

She's a mom and triathlete who keeps it 100 about her journey in health and fitness. Meet CRUSH writer Dr. Shaunna Gold and find out how she finally got up and at it.

Rotunda Lost 200lbs and Found Her Passion Along the Way

Rotunda Mobley lost a ton of weight, then became a body builder and an inspiration to many.

Donna Richardson: Owning It!

For the first time in her illustrious career, Donna Richardson is calling the shots with her new DVD.

Brick Built for Success!

Former video vixen now champions for curvy sisters with her new fitness wear line.

Tee Hanible Talks “American Grit”

On "American Grit," Tee Hanible represents a side of Black women rarely seen on reality TV. Meet her.

From Heartbreak to a Six Pack

“How did you get into fitness?” I hear the question often, but never answer with the same detail as I’m about to.

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How Essential Oils Can Help Your Workout

Could a few drops of an aromatic oil be your next workout buddy?

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