Dr. Shayla Cornick, 38, is the owner and self-appointed “Chief Happiness Officer” of CYCLED!, a boutique, indoor cycling studo with two locations in Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland. More than 10 years ago, this determined chica shed 30 pounds, discovered a love for fitness and spinning and figured out how to share that passion with her community. As CYCLED! celebrates its 3rd anniversary this February, we caught up with Shayla to find out more about the woman behind the handle bars:

cycled owner Shayla Cornick

CYCLED! C.H.O. Shayla Cornick

What three words best describe you.
Happy, Ambitious, Energetic

What was your first spinning experience like?
I wanted to leave the class. The music was awful, and my butt was in PAIN!

What spurred you to open up your own cycling studio?
Boredom from cycling classes provided by my gym at the time. Frustration with the traffic and parking challenges I experienced while trying to visit other studios in DC. We also did not have any boutique fitness options in Silver Spring.

Love the name of the studio! Does it mean anything beyond what we think?
Thanks! No, there really wasn’t a dual meaning when I came up with it.

On average, how many calories are your hardworking clients burning in one session?
Customers burn, on average, between 450 and 600 calories in a 45-minute class.

Best beginner advice?
Bring water and be prepared to SWEAT!

For the advanced, how do you keep cycling fresh?
We always introduce fun and innovative ways to keep riders engaged! On-screen challenges during class, simulated outdoor rides using our display monitors, and power (watt) training programs are a few examples.

Spinning is amazing cardio. What else will clients work in your classes?
We have several fusion classes to offer a full-body workout. CYCLED! Cardio Sculpt incorporates the use of weights for upper body strengthening and toning, and we also have a Core Blast add-on class for those that want to focus on core/ab strength and toning. In addition to the fusion classes, we offer small group Yoga Sculpt (think yoga with weights), and Barre. Barre is our most recently added class, and it is becoming very popular.

What’s the joy in what you do?
The community! The CYCLED! community is absolutely amazing. Not only for how hard they work while in the saddle or at the barre, but also for how awesome they are to each other. They are kind, supportive, encouraging, and everything I’ve wanted for CYCLED!. I also find joy in being able to offer a fun and effective way to help people meet their goals. and witnessing the joy and excitement of my customers when they do.

Favorite current song or music to spin to:
All the Stars by Kendrick and SZA. This is the first release from the Black Panther soundtrack, and I can’t wait to hear the rest!

How do YOU stay in shape? What kind of workouts do you typically gravitate to?
I take all classes from other instructors at my studio, and I also visit other fitness studios in the area. SWEAT DC, Lotus Fitness, and Riverdale Bikram Yoga are a few of my favorites. I also enjoy running, when it’s not 12 degrees outside. LOL!

Your key to losing weight. What worked for you?
Having an accountability partner and being intentional about what I eat and do. Also, sleep is so incredibly important. I realized a long time ago that even when I eat “right” and workout, I won’t see results if my body doesn’t get proper rest.

shayla cornick

Favorite healthy meal: Baked salmon, quinoa cooked with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and spinach (I also add a few cranberries), steamed broccoli.

Favorite not-so healthy meal: Burger and Fries from the Classics in Silver Spring, or the butter cake from Del Friscos in City Center  (I count this as a meal)

How long have you worn your hair natural? Since 2004, but I’ve had several cycles of having to cut it from a bad product or excessive heat.

Favorite natural hair product: Aveda has a cream moisturizer that never fails me.

Best vacation ever so far: I spent two weeks in Positano (Italy) and Croatia. It was absolutely amazing!

If you could choose a celebrity to drop by for a class, who would it be?

What’s on the horizon for CYCLED!?
Continued growth and expansion, as well as more collaborations with local businesses with similar interests. I’d like to help change the narrative about fitness and health in our community.

Why should we come check you out?
You’ll have a fun and effective workout, and you’ll quickly know why it has become the “happy place” for so many.

Check out CYCLED! at www.cycledmd.com or follow @cycledmd .

Stacy Julien is editor in-chief of CRUSH. She once fell off a bike in a spinning class, but don’t tell anyone.