Spring cleaning time is around the corner, and many of us are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Don’t forget your workout wardrobe in the process. Adding new, stylish athletic wear to your closet boosts your confidence and will get you back on track with your fitness goals. That is, if you’ve fallen off course. Ditch your worn out t-shirts and basic yoga pants for these five spring trends:


Many of us are adding more gentle and mindful practices to our workout routine. Athleisure is everywhere this year and is perfect for low-impact practices like meditation, stretching or a restorative yoga class. These versatile pieces are appropriate for athletic pursuits, leisure activities and everything in between!

Moisture-Wicking Material

Kohls’ Women’s Tek Gear® Tee $9.99

With the popularity of boot camps, hot yoga and cycling classes on the rise, everyone is getting their sweat on! Moisture wicking clothes are designed to pull moisture away from the skin which will have you feeling fine and dry at the grocery store after sweating it out in your favorite fitness class. And while their function makes them a must-have, the plethora of cool colors and patterns will keep you fly in the gym all week!

Neon Accents

This trend might remind you of the 80s, but with a more toned-down twist. Neon is all the rage right now when paired with basic colors like black and white. A neon accent is all you need to add a fun pop of color to your workout. Whether it’s neon color block or a neon colored stripe, you can’t go wrong!

Clothing With a Cause

UA Power In Pink® Tunic $26.99

Conscious is the new cool. With more and more people becoming aware of the impact of our dollars, consumers are looking at what companies stand for before buying their products. Brands that use eco-friendly materials, promote positive body image or donate to charity are winning this season. Wearing fitness apparel that aligns with your beliefs adds an extra sense of accomplishment to your workout.


Channel your inner Beyoncé with a fierce bodysuit! One-pieces are becoming more mainstream this year and we are loving it. No more tugging at your pants or laying down your top that keeps riding up during your sets of burpies. Bodysuits are as functional as they are stylish, making them one of our favorite activewear trends this season!


From fine and understated to big and bold, floral is hot this spring! Bring in the May flowers early with a pair of floral leggings or a bold floral top. This half-zip pullover by Brick Built features a beautiful oversized flower print that brings a modern flavor to this classic trend.

Fun Leggings

fun leggings


Your leggings can say a lot about the things you love. A number of companies are playing to people’s favorites with designs – from superheroes and cartoons to NFL teams to your favorite dog or cat. Whatever inspires you, it’s probably out there. Try sites like www.lotusleggings.com, redbubble.com or nflshop.com.

Gabbi Gilliam is a freelance writing, world traveling, essential oil lathering, yoga teacher and tea enthusiast whose guilty pleasures include wine and pizza (preferably together and always in moderation).