11 Hair Mistakes We Make When We Work Out

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We’ve got to get over our hair-sweat issues, ladies. But perhaps if we knew what (and what not) to do, we’d have a leg up — literally. So let’s just get right into this list of hair mistakes, shall we? Are you guilty of making any of the following blunders?

11. Not drinking enough water – before, during and after your workout.

Just as water is good for your skin, it’s good for your hair, too. When you’re not getting enough H2O, the dehydration can weaken your hair. Stay hydrated to prevent hair loss.

10. Tying on a cotton bandana too tight.

Cotton already robs your hair of moisture. And if you tie a cotton bandana too tight to your hairline, it could be detrimental to your edges. If you must wear one, wash it after every workout.

9. Wearing a ponytail for every workout.

Bands on hair can cause breakage, so don’t make this a habit. Mix it up. Try a few big twists, hair extensions, or a high bun with hair pins.

8. Leaving your hair un-protected from the sun.

For outdoor workouts, especially during the hot, summer months, always wear a hat and coat your hair with UV-protecting products to ward off sun damage.

7. Skipping your vitamins.

A good hair, skin and nails vitamin can promote stronger, healthier hair. Nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, copper, zinc and beta carotene can help add vibrance to your locks.

6. Wearing stretchy headbands around the hairline to hold hair back.

They’re cute, but much like a tight bandana, using these bands too often can cause hair loss and breakage around your coveted “edges.”

5. Plugging up a curling iron after every workout.

Curling irons, flat irons or any kind of excess heat in your hair is no bueno. It’s wear and tear, and too much of it equals breakage and slow hair growth.

4. Leaving a workout session without refreshing hair.

Your body gets stinky during a workout, and so does your hair. Often, we can’t smell our own locks. Play it safe, and check your salon for a refresher mist that will give you sweet-smelling, post-workout hair.

3. Showing up at the gym without prepping hair first.

Minimize oil and sweat build-up by spraying a dry shampoo throughout the hair while paying close attention to coat the scalp.

2. Forgetting to moisturize your hair post-workout.

Put a few drops of your favorite oil or hairdress on the hair, and especially on porous hair ends, after a workout. This will increase the hair’s moisture balance.

1. Shampooing too infrequently.

Ideally, your hair should be shampooed after every workout. But who can really do that, right? If you’re very active, shampoo more often to remove excess oils and sweat to promote a healthy scalp and hair. Find a good sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo to gently cleanse hair. Don’t forget to condition!

Toni Garcia-Jackson is a hairstylist, makeup artist, hair educator and owner of Bombshell Red Hair Salon in Wilmington, Del. She’s been beautifying sisters for more than 25 years. Follow her @tonigarciajackson.


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